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Welcome to WikiOfConfusion,
the free hackers reference that anyone that passes our special test can edit.
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This wiki is intended for outlining my various projects and hacks. It is primarily geared toward *nix systems (Linux,Unix,OSX, etc), but I wouldn't be opposed to someone posting Windows related information.

If you have any hacks or cool projects you would like to document, feel free to create an account and start posting.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to My Talk Page or the forum.

If you are looking for my main site it is


Featured Article: Web Sentry

articulating head

The goal of web sentry is a home monitoring system controllable through a web interface. The controller is running the open source online code written by Mark O. The web interface uses PHP and Javascript to control the bot and feed images.

Read More

Featured Article: VEX Robotics System

Current VEX Robot, the Web Sentry

All of my Vex related info and more is now available at the HobbyVex Wiki!

The VEX Robotics System is a fun little toy you can pick up at radioshack stores or online. I have found this to be the perfect all around robotics platform. It makes things like controlling servos, reading sensors ( analog and digital ), controlling outputs, etc. incredibly easy.

I foresee a robot with a VEX controller running the online code to interface the hardware and a linux computer as the brain. This will keep all the 'thinking' off the controller and allow it to do its real job, controlling hardware. Read More

Featured Article: GCR415

American Express GCR415 Smart Card Reader

A few years back American Express introduced the Amex Blue, the first US Credit card using smart card technology. During the release of this card, Amex was giving away, free of charge, no questions asked, a card reader to be used with their cards.

This page will provide an outline for hacking that GCR415 smart card reader you were lucky enough to aquire. Read More

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